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Security Tips

At Cactus Lock & Key, we're serious about security. Here are a few suggestions for safeguarding your home and business.

Security Tips for Your Home

  • Change locks when moving into a new home or apartment complex
  • Make sure that the keys to your home are kept out of circulation. If there is even the slightest chance that a previous owner has previously had access to your current keys, it is wise to have new deadbolt locks installed
  • Don't leave spare keys to your home in obvious places, such as under doormats or behind flower pots
  • When buying keys, look for those that require special authorization to make copies and can only be duplicated by professional locksmiths

Security Tips for Your Business

  • The times that you are most at risk of a break-in are:
    • After firing an employee
    • While taking a long vacation
    • When multiple keys are in circulation
  • Consider an access control electronic door lock installed by a professional locksmith. Electronic door locks only require a code and not a key, making it easier to change the code than it is to re-key the entire building
  • Regarding standard door locks, ensure that all keys are unauthorized against key duplication and that all locks are resistant to drilling and picking. Ensure this is properly actioned by hiring an industrial locksmith to install your locks for you
  • Opt for master keying your locks by having a single key that will open all door locks available for managers and/or owners
  • Check security devices frequently to make sure that they are in good working order
  • Install solid door frames and hinges that cannot easily be pried open

By following the above tips, you can assure that your possessions are always safe and secure.

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